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PSYCHOTHERAPY & HYPNOSIS practiced: Individual, Couple & Group therapy.

Michelle Le Bow is both hypnotherapist & psychotherapist practicing on the upper west side of Manhattan. She is the Director at Manhattan Psychotherapy.

The necessary tools will be provided for self-mastery& lasting change with a minimum number of office visits. Michelle
Le Bow is goal directed & encourages learning. Together we side-step learned limitations & behavioral resistance to change unwanted symptoms. If emotions are holding you back, you can be helped.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist-Washington Square Institute
Doctor of Psychoanalysis(Psy.D.)-International University
Certified Hypnotist(C.H.) National Guild of Hypnotists
Masters in Counseling(M.A.)-New York University
Bachelor of Science(B.S)-New York University
Registered Nurse(R.N.)-Bellevue Hospital

She is certified through these organizations:
Certified Hypnotist National Guild of Hypnotists
National Association & American Board of Psychoanalysis
American Counseling Association
New York & California Board of Registered Nursing


Specializing in:

smoking cessation
weight loss ,eating disorders, anorexia & bulimia
phobias, stage fright ,assertiveness, exam panic ,music performance,
sexual dysfunction, travel restrict ions, reading & writer's block.
stress reduction
athletic performance enhanced
creativity & memory enhancement
self esteem
anxiety & depression
irritable bowel syndrome
emotional trauma
overcoming bad habits
blood pressure control
pain control-medical referral requested to address underlying problems safely.
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Modern psychoanalysis rests upon the theoretical framework and clinical approach of Sigmund Freud, who defined psychoanalysis as any line of investigation that takes transference and resistance as the starting point of its work. It is the name given by Hyman Spotnitz to describe a body of developments in the theory of technique in order to apply the psycho-analytic method to the treatment of certain disorders previously thought to be untreatable by that method. It has been found to be applicable to all types of emotional illness including neuroses, psychoses, borderline conditions, depression and character disorders. The findings of modern psychoanalysis have contributed new insights into both the dynamics of emotional illnesses and the mechanisms through which the analytic process cures these conditions.

These theories of the treatment of emotional illness include: 1) ways that each patient processes destructive impulsivity in the analytic setting; 2) transference repetition including not only experiences from the oedipal stage of development but also from the first two years of life as well as the prenatal period; 3) the systematic utilization of patient-induced countertransference feelings and the effective use of emotional interchanges between analyst and analysand as an important clinical tool; and 4) use of variations in technique as necessary to aid in the understanding of patient dynamics and to resolve resistance to personality maturation.

      In hypnosis, using the power of your mind, you can learn to lengthen your life, perform better at work, lose weight, stop procrastinating, learn faster, look more attractive, be happier & create the lifestyle you envision. Your mind is in charge controlling the overall health& body functions. Hypnosis allows access to specific trance states at will & teaches you how to go into altered states yourself to create wanted changes in both your body & your mind. The unconscious mind can go into both past & future to resolve old conflicts & find new paths to find health, happiness & desired goals. Hypnosis & therapy will help you heal, create change & pursue your life's dream. Come on a journey to the deepest parts of your mind. Change your life forever. Get ready to take a journey through your unconscious mind & take control:      
      What can be accomplished with therapy or hypnosis.
Drastically improve your I.Q.& memory
Permanently raise your self esteem
Overcome fear & build lasting self-confidence
Attain the balance you want in your life
Dissolve self-sabotaging fears & be rid of unwanted habits
Make better decisions & stick with them
Develop unshakable self-confidence
Interpret your dreams

Michelle Le Bow CH., Psy.D.
20 West 72 Street, Suite 1103
New York, N. Y. 10023
For appointment or free consultation please call 10AM-noon (212)-724-8767 or send .